Your Guide To Footwear Safety Symbols

Protective footwear is designed to guard your feet from harm against everything from electric shocks to impact trauma. Compression, puncture and impact are the three most common foot injuries that can be sustained on the job. To protect your feet from hazards at work, look for CSA-certified footwear. The CSA Group sets the standards for protective footwear in Canada. Below you’ll find a handy guide that explains what each symbol means so you can select the right footwear for your workplace.

Your Guide To Footwear Safety Symbols

CSA White Rectangle: Electric shock resistance plays an important part in selecting the right protective footwear. When you see this symbol you’ll know that this type of footwear contains electrical insulating properties capable of enduring 18,000 volts and a leakage current of up to 1mA for 60 seconds.

CSA Yellow Rectangle: This symbol indicates that the soles of this particular set of footwear are static-dissipative. This means that the outsoles are made out of an antistatic compound that can handle a controlled electrostatic charge.

CSA Blue Rectangle: When you see the CSA Blue Rectangle symbol understand that the footwear in question provides Grade 1 toe protection that can withstand impacts of up to 125 joules. A joule is a unit of energy created when one newton (international unit of measure) moves one meter in the direction of the action of the force.

CSA Green Triangle: This symbol demonstrates that this type of footwear comes with Grade 1 protective toe safeguards that withstand impacts of up to 125 joules and a sole punctures force of up to 270 pounds.

Metatarsal Protection: Our metatarsals are five long bones located between the toes and tarsals. To prevent metatarsal fractures when working with heavy objects, look for footwear with this symbol.

Chainsaw Protection: This symbol is pretty straightforward. It indicates that this footwear model protects against hazards like punctures or lacerations from chainsaw or other cutting equipment.

Super Static Dissipative: This footwear symbol shows that there is a Grade 2 protective toecap within the shoes. This means that you are protected from sole puncture that falls within the tested range of 106 Ohms to 3.5 x 107 Ohms (the electrical resistance that lies between two points of a conductor).

Metal or Steel Toe Protection: These shoes protect against impact and compression through their reinforced steel or metal toes.

Composite Toe Protection: The Composite Toe Protection symbol indicates that these shoes have reinforced toes but are lighter in weight than their metal or steel composites. They still contain the same amount of protection as steel or metal-toed shoes.

Steel Plate Protection: When you come across this symbol when looking for protective footwear it means that these shoes are steel-plated and offer puncture resistance in the soles.

Composite Plate Protection: This symbol signifies that these shoes offer protection against punctures for the soles of the feet. The composite plates protect against injuries should you step on a nail or other hazardous objects while on the job. These types of shoes are metal-free.