Women’s Workplace Safety Clothing: Finding The Right Fit

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for women can be hard to find. Most workplace safety clothing is made specifically for men and, other than industry leaders like Mister Safety Shoes putting a strong focus on female workplace footwear, finding the right fit for most workwear can be tricky. Simply put, men and women are built differently and wearing a men’s sized workplace safety garment will not offer the same protection as one that is made especially for women. When looking for women’s safety workplace clothing, there are important factors to keep in mind.

Women’s Workplace Safety Clothing: Finding The Right Fit

Too big is bad

When searching for women’s safety wear, you may encounter sizing problems. Just like wearing shoes that are too large can hinder your safety when walking around your site, wearing PPE that is too big can hinder your work and make it easier to sustain injury. For example, if you can’t find protective gloves in your size, you’ll end up having to wear a men’s pair that hang off your fingers. When you can’t properly grip the equipment you’re using because your glove is too big or your safety jacket is dropping off your body and gets caught in a machine, you’re in trouble. Don’t settle for protective clothing that is too big. This could lead to a poorly done job and, of course, devastating injuries.

Tight isn’t right

Another issue that women face when looking for PPE is having to purchase clothing that is too tight. A men’s XS may fit some women, but for others it is too tight. However, a men’s S may be too big. Unfortunately, there aren’t in between sizes like XS+ or -S and you’re stuck with safety wear that is too tight. Clothing that is too constricting can hinder your ability to move and when you can’t move on the job, you’re more likely get hurt.

What’s the work around here if you don’t have a PPE retailer by your home, what’s the best option? Finding work boots can be as easy as visiting Mister Safety Shoes, but finding proper clothing store can be a challenge. The answer is the same as it would be for anything these days: Go online.

There are more resources available online than most people have access to in person, especially for those working in rural locations. Doing your due diligence in finding an online workwear retailer with strong reviews will help prevent the trial-and-error situation sometimes found with online shopping and will ensure that you can find great quality on your first order. Find a site that offers a wide selection of sizes for women and be sure to inquire about their return policies before ordering in case the garments don’t fit as intended.

For women only

Major PPE manufacturers are starting to understand that there is a market for women’s safety wear. In turn, they are creating cuts and fits that are made for women. Using women’s sizing as a guide, they are finally not relying on the shape and form of a man’s body to craft these lines of safety clothing.

When purchasing women’s safety gear, make sure you know your exact sizing and measurements. This goes for everything from glove size to goggle size to, of course, footwear where we at Mister Safety Shoes know the importance of measuring both feet and finding the best fit and comfort in safety footwear for our female customers. When you know the exact size and measurements of the PPE you need, it’ll be easier to find safety wear that fits.