Why Safety Shoes Are Essential For The Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry is one industry where safety shoes are absolutely essential. Employees must always take their safety into their own hands. Here is a more in-depth look at why employees in the food processing industry should highly consider wearing safety shoes.

Necessity Of Safety Shoes In The Food Processing Industry

  • They Drastically Reduce Injuries Due To Slippage
    One of the primary hazards in the food industry, which may be responsible for as much as 25 per cent of severe injuries, is slipping and tripping. Those in the food processing industry work on very slippery floors on a daily basis, which can be highly dangerous given the surrounding machinery. As such, safety shoes with anti-slip features prevent you from slipping and ultimately keep you safe on the job.

    For employers, investing in safety shoes for your employees ultimately results in increased morale, more productivity and more savings due to the reduction in injuries as well as sick days. Many safety shoes are designed to be very breathable, which also adds an additional level of comfort.

  • They Are Resistant To Chemicals
    The food processing industry exposes its employees to a variety of different substances on a daily basis, including a number of different chemicals. Naturally, chemicals are unavoidable in the food industry where hygiene is a very strong priority. Safety shoes are chemically resistant, protecting you from their toxins.
  • They Are Sanitized
    Not only do safety shoes provide safety while in the workplace, but many safety shoes designed for the food processing industry are also sanitized with antibacterial treatments. Further, they are specifically designed to be smooth and easy to clean. This is imperative in the food processing industry where employees are exposed to things like blood, oil and fats each and every day. Not only is it important that these substances can be easily cleaned to prevent contamination, but your shoes will also last longer over time, resulting in increased savings.
  • They Provide Added Comfort For Long Work Hours
    Those in the food processing industry work long hours; many of those hours are spent on your feet. A quality pair of safety shoes, designed with comfort in mind, make those extra hours much more palatable, while also reducing potential health issues like back pain due to spending long hours on your feet.

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