Safety Footwear Programs

Mister Safety Shoes Managed Safety Footwear Programs help automate management of your company’s needs and provide easy access for your workers through our shoe mobiles, retail stores and online shop.


Your program, the way you want it

Your dedicated Mister Safety Shoes expert, together with the eTrac online portal, helps you to precisely and quickly manage:

  • Make it easy: you set the guidelines for your company, including what, when and who can purchase.
  • Eliminate paper and save time: no more vouchers, cards, or reimbursements to manage.
  • Up-to-date reporting: activity, purchases and individual profiles are updated daily.
  • Convenience: eTrac is securely accessible from any computer—and from our stores and mobile stores.

Our eTrac system is easy to set up. Once it is set up, the system helps you manage your safety footwear program by facilitating easy worker fulfillment. You set when employees are eligible to purchase, what they can order and other factors you customize— we do the rest.


Easy access

Compliance with your customized safety program isn’t an issue, provided your workers can easily fulfill their needs. Not only does eTrac strip away the paperwork and hassles in managing fulfillment, we distribute both our products and our expertise through mobile stores, retail outlets and an online shop—whichever is most convenient.

Contact Us: We can customize a Managed Safety Footwear Program for you.