Five Tips For Choosing The Best Insoles For Your Work Boots

Insoles are protective inserts that can enhance your work boots. However, you can’t simply visit a drugstore and purchase the insoles they have available. First you’ll need to know about the three types of insoles on the market.

Choosing The Best Insoles

  • Comfort insoles: This type of insole is made specifically to create added comfort. They are generally made of soft foams or gels. These are more useful for regular footwear and not work boots because they won’t give your feet ample relief if you’re standing up all day.
  • Support insoles: When it comes to insoles for work boots, support insoles are your best bet. Support insoles are made of harder material and provide your feet with extra stability.
  • Custom orthotics: For people that suffer from chronic foot problems, extremely flat feet or fallen arches, you will need to get custom orthotics made. To do so, visit a podiatrist to get fitted for custom insoles.

Now that you know the difference between insole types here are five tips to help you choose the best insoles for your work boots:

  1. Inserts vs. insoles
    If you’re looking for insoles then it means you’re looking for full-length support for your work boots. Shoe inserts are different from insoles because they might only cover ¾ or half of the inside of your work boots. Make sure that you are purchasing insoles as opposed to inserts to get protection that runs the length of your boots.
  2. Sizing
    Insole sizing is marked the same way as shoe sizing. If you’re a men’s 11, you’ll need insoles in the same size. You’ll notice that some insoles come in sizes like Men’s 9-11. This means that they will need to be trimmed if your feet are smaller than size 11. If possible, buy insoles that are already trimmed and sized because they are made specifically for the size they denote. If you wear a half size then you should be able to find insoles in half-sizes. If not, buy the next size up. For example, if you wear a women’s size 7.5, buy insoles in a women’s 8.
  3. Men and women have different feet
    If you’re a woman, you need to get insoles made for women and men need men’s insoles. Women’s and men’s feet have different arches and heels, and insoles are made to reflect that.
  4. Know your arch
    There are three different arch types – neutral or medium arches, low arches (flat feet or fallen) and high arches. Insoles are designed to protect arches, so get a pair that suits the type of arches that you have.
  5. Respect your footbeds
    There are four different footbed supports — rigid orthotic arch support, semi-rigid orthotic arch support, cushioned arch support and no arch support (flat cushion). The type of footbed support will depend on the type of arches you have and what area of the foot you want to protect.