How To Care For Your Work Boots

If you work in the manufacturing industry, outdoors or around hazardous materials without work boots, you are at risk when you’re on the job. Besides purchasing the right footwear and wearing it at work, you will need to maintain it to ensure optimal protection.

Caring For Your Work Boot

Proper care will prolong the life of your work boots and ensure that you’re feet aren’t at risk. Here’s how you can care for your work footwear:


Wear and tear happens daily, so inspect your work boots regularly. Look for cracks in the sole or a sole that has been crushed. Also, look out for torn or broken leather, and toecaps that have become exposed.


After each shift, remove any mud, snow, gravel or metal that has become encrusted into the soles of your footwear. Then, brush your shoes to remove dirt and stains with a damp cloth or leather brush. Do not use soap on leather boots. You will damage them. Only shoes made of synthetic fabric can be cleaned with soap and water.


Protective coatings are available to help enforce the leather on your footwear. There are also coatings that make footwear water-resistant. However, if your work boots are already water-resistant, you don’t need to reinforce it with coating.


Don’t leave your shoes to dry in the sun or next to direct heat like an electric baseboard. Instead, dry your footwear in a warm, ventilated room. You can also get leather-safe silicone polish or quality grease to dry your boots.


When it comes to work boots, each manufacturer is different. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for your footwear. If the manufacturer’s care instructions mention a certain product or maintenance routine, you should follow it. They made the shoes; they know best how to care for them.


If you wear insoles, these will also need to be inspected. Damaged insoles need to be replaced and you should spray your shoes after work with a special deodorizer meant to neutralize odours and kill bacteria and fungus.


An important thing to remember is that no matter how well you care for your work boots, they will need to be replaced every six months to a year depending on the type of work you do. Replace footwear at the first signs of wear and tear, cracked soles or leather damage.