Analyzing The Best Work Boots For These 8 Manufacturing Jobs

In the manufacturing sector, you’re exposed to all kinds of hazards. Whether you are an engineer, manager, machinist, or steelworker, you need to wear special footwear to ensure that your feet are protected. To give you an idea of the type of work boots you need, we’ve analyzed the best work shoes for the following eight manufacturing jobs. Also, make sure any work boots you purchase are approved by the CSA Group, the organization that sets standards and regulations throughout Canada.

 The Best Work Boots

  1. Operations manager
    This person oversees the manufacturing plant and requires footwear with a puncture-resistant outsole and static protection. However, because the operations manager will be spending part of their workday in their office, they are not required to wear heavy industrial footwear but light athletic work boots instead.
  2. Engineer
    The engineer designs the products or goods that the company manufactures. Because they are spending most of their day in an office working on design, they require the same work boots as the operations manager.
  3. Utility worker
    Responsible for installation, service and maintenance, the utility worker must wear work boots that have the same attributes as the engineer and operations manager. However, their shoes must have a defined heel that is ideal for climbing ladders.
  4. Electronic operative
    The electronic operative builds and works with circuit boards and computer chips and is required to wear work boots that have the same attributes as the engineer and operations manager.
  5. Machinist/mechanic
    Because this person specializes in repair and maintenance of automobiles and machines they are required to wear work boots that have oil/slip-resistant rubber outsoles and sealed or direct attached welt construction to provide a resistance to petroleum products. Moreover they will need puncture-resistant outsoles that are also cushioned to improve performance.
  6. Metal fabrication
    The metal fabrication worker is responsible for building structures and machines. Their work boots must have a puncture-resistant outsole and protection against sparks. Also, their boots need to have slag outsoles with cushioning because they are on their feet all day.
  7. Steelworker
    Steelworkers install, erect and secure concrete and other materials used in the manufacturing process. Their footwear needs to be well supported and puncture resistant. Furthermore, their boots should be made of waterproof leather because they could find themselves working outside.
  8. Welder
    A welder binds, sodders and fuses the materials used to manufacture goods like aluminum, brass and stainless steel. A welder needs footwear that is made of oil-tanned leather, has slag and spark protection and heat-resistant soles.

No matter what your position is or where you work, the right work boots ensure that your feet are protected at all times. If you don’t already own a pair of CSA approved shoes, it’s time to get some.