All About Safety Footwear Colours

One of the more commonly asked questions that safety shoes sales associates hear is: “Do they come in other colours?” Indeed, colour is a popular question, next to safety concerns. You may be wondering, does colour affect the safety rating or does safety footwear come in multiple colours? With that said, here is your guide to everything you need to know safety footwear colours.

Safety Footwear Colours

  • Colour Has No Bearing On Safety Rating
    With safety being your primary concern, it is important to state that, first of all, the colour of your safety boots has no bearing on their safety rating. All of the information regarding the footwear’s safety rating (i.e. all of the symbols) are found on the tag itself. However, the colour and shape of the symbols of those tags do offer important insight into the types of industries that those boots or shoes were specifically designed for.
  • Pay Attention To The Coloured Symbols On Tags
    The Canadian Centre For Occupational Health and Safety offers a guide to choosing the correct footwear for your industry. These symbols are found on the tags of safety footwear. A green triangle, for example, means that the shoe is designed for an industrial or heavy work environment while a boot with a yellow triangle means that the shoe is designed for light industry work. You can find an in-depth guide to these symbols online.
  • For Additional Colours, Choose A Different Style
    If you are interested in looking at the range of colours that safety footwear is offered in, ensure that you’re looking at all of the different styles of a particular shoe or boot instead of a single shoe. This is because specific safety shoes don’t always come in more than one colour. In general, the standard colours of men’s boots are black, tan and brown. Safety shoes, however, can offer additional colour options, especially running-style safety shoes.

    Women’s safety shoes come in a range of different colours, whether they are safety boots or safety shoes. That is, you will more than likely be able to find safety footwear not only in the standard colours of black, tan and brown, but also in pink, red and blue.

    As mentioned, some individual boots or shoes are only available in one colour. However, if you want another colour option, certainly speak to the sales associate; in some cases, they may be able to order your choice of shoe in the colour that you want.

  • Colour Doesn’t Impact Effectiveness (Except For Reasons Of High Visibility)
    Generally speaking, colour doesn’t impact the effectiveness of safety footwear itself — it is simply an issue of preference. Of course, the exception is when high-visibility shoes are needed. Then, you want to choose a bright and bold orange colour to ensure that they are effective for visibility purposes.

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