About Mister Safety Shoes

Safety matters

Safety matters. You invest in your skilled work team. You protect them with safety equipment. You are committed to their well-being.

Mister Safety trip-hazard-symbolShoes is ready to help you keep your team safe with a proven, customizable managed footwear solution, a large fleet of mobile stores, 24-hour online store, and a network of retail stores.

At Mister Safety Shoes, we are committed to:
Making it easy to be safe.

Removing obstacles to safety—making it easy to be safe

Mister Safety Shoes’ mission—captured in our slogan, “Making it easy to be safe”—is to remove the obstacles to safety for workers and their employers.
We help you achieve this through an innovative blend of streamlined services—customized to your policies. Our customized solution reduces the work involved in managing a safety footwear program, and makes it easier for your workforce to meet their needs.

“We help our clients eliminate obstacles to safety footwear compliance regardless of company size. It’s about two things—making workers as safe as can be, and making it easy for companies to manage their safety footwear program.”

—John Colantonio, Managing Director of Mister Safety Shoes.